•    Lecture med Mark Mason


    Tisdag 17 juni kl 19.00 på Magic Bar, Karlaplan 6, Stockholm


    100 kr för medlemmar i SMC
    300 kr för icke medlemmar


    Although Marks lectures cover effects in many fields, cards, coins, ropes, mentalism, close up, strolling and stand up the key is always on entertainment. You will quickly become aware Mark has all the skills, but we are sure you will agree his number one skill are his PEOPLE SKILLS.

    Mark has performed his lectures over 200 times at different magic clubs and societies across the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and the rest of the world. This number alone speaks volumes for his ability.

    Mark has appeared at the worlds finest conventions including:

    FISM, Blackpool Magic Convention, New Zealand Magic Convention, World Magic Seminar, Magifest, IBM nationals, Magiclive, Midwest Jubilee, Magic in the Rockies, Florida State Convention, Magicologne, SAM nationals, Motor City Convention, 4F’s, Louisiana Convention, TAOM Texas, Hong Kong Magic Weekend, Joker Magic Day Hungary, Michigan Day of Magic, Irish IBM, SCAM, LVMI LIVE Las vegas and dozens more in the UK and Europe.

    Highlights from Mark’s current Lecture

    Stuck up Monte – Marks opening commercial effect the best 3 card monte you will ever see.

    A Word In A Million – Any word, Any Book, Any language.

    The Put and Take Move – You will be rubbing your eyes when you see the put and take move.

    NT2 – A brilliant stand up newspaper routine

    Coin Flux 2 – A brilliant non sleight of hand 3 coin matrix, the method is sheer genius.

    Hindu Rope Surprise – Comedy cut and restored rope with a genuine climax. Marks scissors gag is worth the price of the lecture.

    Attitude Force – Voted the best item from Mark’s lecture, a no classic, classic force that you will love and use within 15 minutes.



    John Derris Magic Circle Council “Mark Mason, is one of Britain’s leading close up magicians and lecturers”.

    Derek Lever Blackpool Magic Convention. Thank you so much Mark, For a top class performance.

    Richard Kaufman Editor Genii Magazine ”I cannot put it any more simple than this: Mark Mason is the greatest magic demonstrator working today”.

    Al Cohen Washington DC. “The best lecture I have ever seen””

    Obie Obrien ”Congratulations, a standing ovation at the 4F”.

    John Luka Detroit, Michigan. ”Thank you so much for performing here in the motor city, you exceeded all my expectations! What a fabulous job”.

    Glenn Farrington Desert Seminar Las Vegas ”Brilliant job, Mark”

    Bill Palmer Houston ”I really enjoyed your lecture, truly great material”.

    Danny Archer LVMI Las Vegas ”You were great at the LVMI . Many thanks”

    Glen Gherardi Baton Rouge ”To say you are good is the understatement of the century, I have traveled to see you not once but 4 TIMES”

    Charlie Ford Myrtle Beach South Carolina. ”Never have I seen a more delightful, witty and entertaining performer”!

    George Mathis IBM Ring 88 Michigan. “One of the best and most entertaining lectures I can remember EVER attending”.

    Scottish conjurers association. “Do not miss this lecture”


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